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Vamos às compras!

Let's go shopping!

The secret of multiplying your looks.
Still young after all!

Still young after all!

Combata a síndrome do pós-férias!

Fight post-vacation syndrome!

With the end of the vacation period, the luminous, warm season of sharing and complicity comes to an end, of reconnecting with the friends that we see from year to year, in the same places, in the places of each one's soul.
Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?

I have nothing to wear, what a bore!

A Arte de Vestir em Segunda Mão

The Art of Second Hand Dressing

My closet is full of pieces that my friends gave me, that I looked for in second-hand stores or even at fairs.
As Surpreendentes Buscas por Matérias Primas Sustentáveis ao Serviço da Moda

The Surprising Searches for Sustainable Raw Materials at the Service of Fashion

Take a break and chill!

Take a break and chill!

Sustentabilidade - Medidas fáceis de implementar no nosso dia a dia

Sustainability - Measures that are easy to implement in our daily lives


Reinvent yourselves!

There are times when despite the sun, the heat, the vivid colors of passers-by, the happy noise of relaxed summer conversations, we seem to lack
II Parte: As peças que falam de nós

Part II: The pieces that speak about us

Há mar e mar, há ir e voltar!

There is sea and sea, there is coming and going!

Umas peças falam connosco, mas outras falam de nós!

Some pieces speak to us, but others speak to us!

A Beleza da Vida

the beauty of life

Fashion will keep us together!

Fashion will keep us together!

Azul do céu, no Infinito do mar!

Blue of the sky, in the Infinite of the sea!

Who dares to be different?

Who do you give to be different?

O Preto e o Branco!

The Black and the White!

There are days when we wake up with an emptiness inside us and it seems that nothing fills us.
Do Lixo ao Luxo!

From Trash to Luxury!

At the beginning of May, the fashion house Balenciaga presented this bizarrely destroyed pair of sneakers that are already part of one of the “commandments” of fashion which is to make people talk!
Amor vs Ódio

love vs hate

''A Moda sai de Moda o Estilo jamais''

''Fashion goes out of fashion, style never''

A cor do Verão!

The color of summer!

I feel like jumping out of the car and walking through all that color, but I feel sorry for putting on so many beautiful little flowers that boldly provoke us with their contagious color!
É urgente tratar o Mundo!

It is urgent to treat the world!

Aqui estou, hoje, de laranja!

Here I am today in orange!

Here I am, on an esplanade, wandering my gaze over the landscape and who crosses it.


Do you marry me?


From here, chaos ensues.

Pensamentos violeta

violet thoughts

Inspired by Easter, I decided to talk to you about violet , usually called purple, a color that is also in vogue this spring.
''Colour can raise the dead.''

''Color can raise the dead.''

It was not by chance that the great brand H&M partnered with the iconic Iris Apfel .

O nosso blog está de volta!

Our blog is back!

First of all, we would like to apologize to our customers, followers and friends for the absence of this blog for so long.
A vida e as cores!

Life and colors!

Comprar usado? Descubra estas lojas vintage online

Buy used? Discover these vintage stores online

Giving the pieces another life is good for the closet and the environment. Count on the help of these online vintage stores
O tão conhecido fast-fashion - parece estar gradualmente a perder o seu encanto.

The well-known fast-fashion - seems to be gradually losing its charm.

Estas amigas criaram um site que vende carteiras de luxo com 80% de desconto

These friends created a website that sells luxury wallets at 80% off

Camila and Daniela are responsible for Retry, a safe space where you can sell and buy vintage pieces in good condition.