Terms and conditions

The present document establishes the conditions, which determine the use of this web page designated hereinafter RETRY and the purchase of products and use therein.

We ask you to carefully read the conditions, our policies regarding cookies and our privacy policy before using RETRY. When using this RETRY platform or placing an order through it, the customer / user is aware that he must comply with these conditions and our privacy policies. Therefore, if you do not agree with all the conditions and privacy policies, you should not use this website.

Terms of Use

  1. legal information
  2. Rules
  3. The RETRY service
  4. Service access
  5. General terms of use
  6. Terms of Responsible Use
  7. User Responsibility
  8. Content and Ads
  9. Notifications
  10. Privacy Policy
  11. Changing privacy practices
  12. About Cookies
  13. Consumer Information

1. Legal Information

As of 1 January 2013, the changes to the VAT Code introduced by Decree-Law No. 197/2012, of 24 August 2012, come into effect:

  1. The issuance of an invoice is mandatory for all transfers of goods and provision of services, regardless of the quality of the purchaser of goods or recipient of services and even if they do not request it, whatever the sector of activity in question;
  2. In invoices processed through computer systems, all mandatory mentions, including the name, business name or corporate name and tax identification number of the acquiring taxable person, must be inserted by the respective invoicing software or computer equipment;
  3. Indication on the invoice of the identification and domicile of the purchaser or recipient who is not a taxable person is not mandatory in invoices with a value of less than (euro) 1000, except when the purchaser or recipient requests that the invoice contain these elements;
  4. The indication on the invoice of the tax identification number of the purchaser or recipient who is not a taxable person is always mandatory when he requests it (paragraph b) of paragraph 1 of Article 29 and paragraph 14, paragraph 15 and paragraph 16 of Article 36 (all from CIVA);
  5. With the entry into force of these legislative changes, if the user wants his tax data to appear on the invoice, these must be entered in his register, it will not be possible to make changes subsequent to the acquisition of the service and the respective issue of the invoice.


2. Rules

The Terms and Conditions stipulate the terms under which the use of the RETRY service is provided and define the rules for participation by individuals or entities registered in said service.

The provision of the RETRY service is dependent on the full acceptance of these conditions, so any user who does not agree or does not undertake to behave in accordance with these conditions will not be able to use the said service.

These conditions can be changed, it is your responsibility to read them periodically, since the conditions in force at the time of using the website or concluding the contract (as defined below) are those that will apply.

3. The RETRY Service

  1. RETRY is an online service that provides users with a website with the aim of facilitating the dissemination of intentions to sell or contract products, through a classifieds system.
  2. Registering with RETRY and placing classified ads are free of charge, without prejudice to the provisions of Clause 6 below.
  3. RETRY has access and/or control over the articles or conditions of services communicated in the exposed articles, except when the participation in the actual transaction is between buyer / contractor and seller / provider. Therefore, RETRY guarantees the quality, safety or legality of the articles, the veracity or accuracy, when they have a QUALITY SEAL OF THE BRAND RETRY. When the sale goes through circumstances beyond our QUALITY SEAL AND CERTIFICATE, RETRY does not have the capacity to guarantee the quality and condition of the articles, nor can it guarantee that both the seller and buyer parties complete the transaction.


4. Access to the service 

As the RETRY does not have a uniform content, it is not possible to restrict access to the service only according to a criterion of age.

The legality of access to the service depends on the fact that no type of contracts, onerous or not, are entered into under the authority of the RETRY, whereby access to the service is allowed to users, regardless of the possession of full legal capacity by the of these. Not holding a transaction mediator character, RETRY is not responsible for any eventuality resulting from the lack of legal capacity of the users.

Any interested party may correspond to only one registration, and the RETRY may cancel any subsequent registration made by the same individual.

RETRY registrations are personal and non-transferable, the holder of which is solely responsible for the actions taken with his registration.

5. General terms of use

  1. Ads that contain word manipulation or that are attributed to inappropriate categories, may, according to these terms of conditions, be the target of measures that include their definitive removal;
  2. RETRY can remove or edit the descriptions placed in an ad by users, without having to mention the reason for it;
  3. RETRY may exclude the user from using the service (eg: preventing him from logging in, placing or responding to advertisements), when the user has violated any of the conditions of this term of use, present in this document;
  4. RETRY strives to operate correctly without fail, however, it reserves the right to temporarily suspend its operations for technical reasons, or causes beyond RETRY's control;
  5. RETRY is not responsible for the behavior of advertisers, or items for sale by them as described in their advertisements. By infringing the rules in force in RETRY in a given advertisement, the user will assume any and all responsibility resulting in damages or losses before any entity, natural or legal person, RETRY being exempt from any type of resulting responsibility;
  6. RETRY is not responsible for any damage that occurs as a result of a transaction, or inappropriate behavior by one of the parties to the transaction;


6. Terms of Responsible Use

1. In order to guarantee a high quality of service to all users, preventing abusive situations or situations that jeopardize the performance of the service provided, RETRY may apply a policy of responsible use, limiting the free placement of advertisements in certain categories.

2. In cases where this policy is applied, a notice will be issued when placing the advertisement and you will have to choose a purchase method for additional advertisements. Alternatively, a service more suited to professional use may be recommended.

Advertisers who register with the RETRY as professionals or whose registrations are converted into professional advertisers, under the terms of the paragraph below, are subject to payment for placing articles on the RETRY.

7. User Responsibility

By accepting these Terms of Service, the user undertakes to:

  1. Provide and maintain true, complete and up-to-date personal data;
  2. Keep the access data to your RETRY registration confidential and only use the registration you own, assuming full responsibility for the actions carried out with that same registration, even by third parties, with or without your authorization;
  3. Only adopt behaviors that do not infringe the current legal order or that in any way harm legally protected positions;
  4. Not to present offers for the purchase or sale of items, or hiring or provision of services, or communication of illegal products and services or of a violent, provocative, offensive, racist nature or likely to violate the privacy or rights of third parties;
  5. Fulfill all obligations arising from the purchases and sales of items communicated through your ads on RETRY;
  6. As an advertiser, assume full and exclusive responsibility for the veracity of the ad data and its suitability to the ad's content, as well as responsibility for the legality of the article.

8. Content and Ads

RETRY, within its ability to verify and approve possible advertisements by sellers, will, in a binding or systematic way, analyse, advertisements placed on the website by users: these are placed online automatically and without any interference or control on the part of the RETRY.

Ads integrated in the RETRY system, however, must meet the following basic requirements, at the advertiser's responsibility:


  1. Be placed in the most appropriate category for the product;
  2. The advertisements placed on the RETRY must only refer to the Offer and/or Sale
  3. Advertised items cannot be encumbered by third party rights; they must be immediately available (thus, it is not allowed to sell items that are not in the direct possession of the advertiser);
  4. Do not include any article that is a Replica and counterfeit;
  1. Without prejudice to the above, it is not allowed to advertise content that violates legal rules, social welfare, third party rights or that contains particularly:
  2. a) Vulgar or offensive content;
  3. b) Content that violates the rules of social etiquette;
  4. c) Content that promotes hatred and violence, racism, xenophobia or conflicts between nations;
  5. d) False or dubious information;
  6. e) Viruses or any other technology that may harm other users or even RETRY as a service;
  7. f) Advertising services that compete or not with RETRY;
  8. g) Explicit content for adults and/or people over 18. We also do not accept any type of pornographic content.
  9. h) We do not allow any objectionable sexual content on our platform, or the abusive use by Users, who place ads of this content.
  10. i) Placement of means of contact (email, link/URL, telephone) in the title, description or photographs associated with the ad;
  11. j) Generic, catalog and/or edited photographs that are not representative of the item actually on sale;
  12. k) Advertisements that do not use the Portuguese language;
  13. l) Placement of tags, keywords or other terms in the title, description or images of the ad that have no relation to the item/service being advertised;
  14. m) Any content related to services that are generally morally reprehensible, such as prostitution, pyramid schemes, usury or other forms contrary to the law or the rules of decency are the full responsibility of the advertising user, being subject to their disposal in the appropriate categories for users of legal age and in full possession of legal capacity. Observing non-compliance with these conditions, RETRY is legal to delete illegal content, without prejudice to ownership or consequences of said act.
  15. n) The advertiser is responsible for complying with these requirements, and RETRY may cancel or delete without prior notice and at any time advertisements that do not comply with the rules set out above.
  16. o) Advertisers authorize RETRY to freely use the contents corresponding to advertisements for the purchase and sale of items.


9. Notifications

Users agree to receive newsletters from RETRY as well as notifications related to RETRY, including any changes to these Terms of Service, to the email box associated with their registration.


10. Privacy Policy

  1. The Privacy Policy can be consulted at the following link: create hyperlink

11. Change in privacy practices

  1. If RETRY changes its privacy practices, these will always be available at Privacy Policy .
  2. For additional clarifications on the privacy policy, please contact RETRY using the contact form .

12. About Cookies

RETRY's Cookie Policy is available at Cookie Policy .

13. Consumer Information

What is Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Alternative dispute resolution is the possibility that all consumers have at their disposal to resort to official entities that help them in the resolution of a conflict or that provide them with guidance in this regard, as an alternative to resorting to the judicial courts.

Alternative dispute resolution procedures begin with the consumer submitting a complaint to the legally authorized arbitration centers for consumer disputes, triggering the intervention of an impartial third party in resolving the dispute.

Therefore, if you are dissatisfied with the purchase of a product on our website or with the solution presented by us to resolve this situation, you can contact the legally authorized consumer dispute arbitration centers.

Consumers are informed that, under the terms and for the purposes of article 14 of Law no. 24/96, of 31 July, as amended, consumer disputes whose value does not exceed the jurisdiction of the courts of first instance ( ie € 5,000.00), are subject to necessary arbitration or mediation when, by express option of the consumer, they are submitted to the appreciation of an arbitral tribunal attached to the legally authorized arbitration centers for consumer disputes.

Entities authorized to mediate, conciliate and arbitrate consumer disputes in Portugal

Under the terms and for the purposes of article 18 of Law no. 144/2015, of 8 September, as amended, all consumers are informed that RETRY Portugal, SA is bound, by legal imposition resulting from necessary arbitration, to the arbitral tribunals attached to the legally authorized arbitration centers for consumer disputes, in relation to consumer disputes whose value does not exceed the jurisdiction of the courts of first instance (ie, € 5,000.00) when, by express option of the consumer, these have been submitted to the appreciation of the referred arbitral tribunals.

In the event of a dispute, the consumer may resort to legally authorized consumer dispute arbitration centres, namely:

- Lisbon Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center


Address: Rua dos Douradores, n.º 116 – 2.º, 1100 - 207 Lisboa

Phone: +351 218807030

Fax: +351 218807038

E-mail: juridico@centroarbitragemlisboa.pt

Website: http://www.centroarbitragemlisboa.pt/


- Center for Consumer Information and Porto Arbitration

Address: Rua Damião de Góis, 31, Loja 6, 4050-225, Porto
Phone:+351 225508349 / +351225029791
Fax:+351 225026109
Email: cicap@cicap.pt
Website: http://www.cicap.pt/


- Ave, Tâmega and Sousa Consumer Dispute Arbitration Center

Address: Rua Capitão Alfredo Guimarães, 1, 4800-019 Guimarães
Phone:+351 253422410
Fax:+351 253422411
Email: triave@gmail.com
Website: http://www.triave.pt/


- National Center for Consumer Dispute Information and Arbitration

Address: Rua D. Afonso Henriques, 1, 4700-030 Braga
Phone: +351 253619107

E-mail: geral@cniacc.pt  
Website: https://www.cniacc.pt/pt/

For more information, consumers may consult the Consumer Portal on the website www.consumidor.pt or access the online dispute resolution platform on the website

https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home.chooseLanguage .

If you are a consumer residing in another Member State, you can also file your complaint through the European Consumer Centre, accessing the website http://cec.consumidor.pt/ .

More information on the Directorate-General for Consumers website: www.consumidor.pt .