Are you talking to me?


Are you talking to me?

I have nothing to wear, what a bore!

While the mirror looked at me and tried to decipher me, I sat on the sofa in the dressing room looking at everything. I never counted the pieces I had, but there are thousands... yes, I'm sure they are and all of them are indispensable.
They've already enjoyed themselves at parties, they've already gone to work, they've dined out with friends, they've already gone for a walk, they've traveled the world and with all kinds of models, fabrics, textures, accessories all this is the result of an already considerable life, even so, they are amazed , I see myself desperate, with nothing to wear!
It seems impossible? Yeah, but it's true!
But since I have to be pragmatic, because time flies and I don't like to be late, I started photographing different looks and for different occasions and situations that always remind me of, or wearing them as they are, or on the day I want them specials, are my GPS with small deviations suited to the situations. And so another look is born, adapted to the circumstances and my mood for the day.

So far, I've had a life full of different events and daily lives. It's not difficult for me to recommend and advise others, but for me… nothing is immediate. Not that I worry about repeating clothes, but over the years a “plague” has set in that my mother must be laughing her head off in heaven , yes because it can only be there, which is the desire to be well, different , but now comfortable. Comfort for me is now a priority.

How many times did I tell my mother, don't wear that….that piece looks better on you….and she would answer me: “do you know how many hours we're going to be up until dinner starts?” And I didn't understand….
Heels with age also went down and became wider…. And then he told me before I dared to complain:

- Daughter with time will understand.

And that “time” has come to me now. And how I regretted having bored you with these details.

My mother always had her hair done. Wallet and shoes like new. The make-up was always light, but emphasizing the air of health (even when I was already sick), but the clothes became more and more monotonous, looser, simpler, the necklines were modest….a true devotion to comfort.
But he maintained the good taste and sobriety that age imposed.
She was still beautiful, very different, but those clothes that once made a difference for their boldness or novelty were recycled into much simpler pieces, equally elegant but essentially comfortable and practical.

Nails always well maintained and a discreet but very friendly but also very enigmatic smile. It was his characteristic. As a brand image.
She had class, even when she was older, without a big twinkle in her eyes (which was also a peculiarity of her) she was a lady who did not go unnoticed. His manner, the kindness of his words marked her. He knew how to be with all kinds of people, he knew how to adjust conversations so as not to become boring. She was interesting, eloquent, thoughtful and wise.
It was my mother! To whom do I have to apologize for the times I laughed for wearing “little feet” in shoes (which at the time was a horrible thing) for wearing glass socks when tights already existed…. But that was how his charisma stood out. My father adored her, always!
For him, it was always perfect, because they've been dating their whole lives and must still be dating, up there. Always companions and very much in love until they left. For the last year, he'd only asked her not to dress so dark. That at least brighten the face with a brighter handkerchief. He loved her anyway, but he liked to see her in more light next to his face. And she strictly complied with his wishes, even sometimes disguising that she wasn't up to date.

Oh, the mirror race is still waiting for me…! And I ask you:

- Are you talking to me?
Well, take it easy, I still don't feel ready to face it.
Today is a special day and I want to be special.
But on a daily basis, so as not to bury myself on the couch looking into the abyss “of my closet”, I resort to the photographs I took to fill in the lack of creativity in those days of absolute abstraction.
This usually happens to me when I sleep badly and wake up in a dazed state. And since I have to arrive on time for appointments, I use and abuse the “pre-conceived Outifs.” And for us, I recommend that you do the same because they are very diligent and accurate.
I suggest you take a picture before leaving, ready. These selfies with different looks will result as a “Pandora's box”.
Of course, there is always the hypothesis of monochrome minimalism where, suddenly, with a suitcase, some shoes and a scarf in color, but not leaving the palette too far, they always have their lives resolved and success assured.
And then there's black, that color that goes by the saying "never compromise".

The Look of the day informs others of our state of mind and also has several characteristics of our personality associated with it and, in this “jungle” we live in, with wars and competitions, with a sick planet,….we can't let go.
Do you know that look of that “friend” who microscopically analyzes us so that the next day she hands us over to another “friend” on a tray with a knife stuck in her back? Don't even think about getting ready just more or less, because they smear it even if it's for a line that strangely stuck to the clothes.
But my mirror and alarm clock give me signals that I need to move faster and get ready for the appointment.

At the end of all the marches, I look in the mirror and feel that he is observing me to the millimeter….And then I can't contain myself and ask him again

-Are you still talking to me?

It's just that my mirror is absolutely meticulous and rigorous. Damn it! But it rarely lets me down.

Already with the keys in hand and ready to leave, I go back and review my image as if it were for an oath of flag. When you don't know what to wear there is a tendency to take refuge in black. It is an easy color as it goes with most colors, however, it can become a heavy color with sad connotations, but it is also such a powerful color that it can convey an attractive and charming image.
Being a neutral tone, it makes a perfect contrast with any other color; never goes out of style; it is elegant; it can be used in any season of the year and is still a color that can radiate mystery and sensuality. In addition, it is a color that slims the figure (suggests a slimming effect, reduces the volume of typically larger body areas), which is always pleasant. But watch out for the black!

It is a color that has to be very well cared for when washing and ironing because, in the same way that it better disguises any imperfection, it also mirrors glossy stains, stains or mistreatment that easily resemble old rags. For me it is a noble color and, if in an excellent fabric, it enhances the Outfit in a luxurious way.
Like everything in life it has two sides.

The use and abuse of the color black can convey an image of sloppiness and laziness in choosing the suit, as it is not a color that in itself needs excessive care. The total look is a guarantee, not being, with few exceptions, the illustrator of a powerful image.
It is essential to combine it with some accessories to take away the monotony. Therefore, and because the color black carries several stigmas, you should take into account where you want to take it. It can either be your more than perfect choice or you can ostracize it. Allow yourself to make mixtures of accessories, textures, light details of sparkles and let the sophistication appear.

Visual communication is worth a lot.
Think. The first contact is the visual one, so the image must be refined as much as possible. The choice of pieces can say a lot about your personality. Therefore, one must be concerned with the right choice for the right location.
But human beings are very complicated. Woman or man, when they are without creativity, strive to complicate things.
In order to demystify this situation, you should start by doing a general cleaning of your closet as well as accessories, including shoes and purses.

1º Remove everything that is spent and without any possibility of recovery; with rare exceptions, the pieces do not last a lifetime;

2nd Remove what no longer suits you or that you no longer use because every time you pick up that piece you end up finding a defect and an excuse to keep it again. This just gets in the way of viewing and organizing.

3rd Highlight the pieces you like the most and look best on you and dare to combine them with others. Sometimes we have fantastic and glamorous pieces, but they are so hidden that we forget about them. These are the ones that will give you and create countless different outfits (so that you don't forget and as I already suggested, photograph the pieces with the accessories and keep them in a folder on your cell phone where you should go when you're more tired and out of time for the big choice) .

4º Take a look at the trends and separate the pieces that are more integrated into this year's fashion.

5º See the colors that look best on you and always give priority to them. Think that from winter to summer our skin tone changes and even our mood changes. The sun improves our well-being and the skin is more attractive.

6th Spend a little time coordinating the pieces with each other. Hurry is often the enemy of perfection and the fact that you have two or three white shirts does not mean that they look good with any garment you wear underneath. Separate some basic outfits with white shirts, for example, and leave them ready on the crosspiece. Then just choose the accessories according to the situation.

7º Pay attention to the proportions of the pieces and the way they mirror your body.

8º Sometimes, we see beautiful pieces to die for, but they are not for us. Our biotype, skin tone, hairstyle, all of this has an influence and only the perfect outfit makes it stand out.

9º I am an advocate of keeping pieces even if they are many years old, as long as they are in good condition and alternate them over time, for example, every other year so you don't get tired of them. If they are pieces of excellent cut and material, it will always be a luxury to wear them.

10° Don't be afraid to experiment, wait for the image you see reflected in the mirror.

11° Don't get carried away by impulse buying just because you see a piece you like. Before that, you should think about whether or not it will add value to your wardrobe, whether it provides you with different looks and whether it fits your style and personality.

12º You will definitely have pieces that you should separate to take to a professional to adjust to your body (often from year to year our body changes and we must adjust the clothes in order to wear them again perfectly).

13. Don't keep clothes that don't fit into your routine or those that you think will be 5 kilos less in a while (which you dreamed of but didn't materialize).

Once you understand what your personal style is and get to know your closet well, it will be much easier to choose a set whether to go to work or for leisure…. Be creative, choosing clothes cannot be an ordeal, it should be a pleasant task, as this is how you will communicate with her and reveal to others a little bit of your personality.
Having high self-esteem is halfway to a successful day. Feeling good about your body and your image enriches your mood and social contact.

So, look out for yourself. If there is room for criticism, yours will be very important. Of course, it's nice to know that our image pleases others, but first of all it's your mirror that you should talk to.
Since I decided to redo my wardrobe, dressing up has become more fun. With the pieces already well detailed and chosen, I find myself playing with the countless combinations that I can do.
Evidently, with age, I changed the choice of pieces and adapted them to the changes in my body.
One of the main decisions you will have to make is to study the color palette that best suits your age and skin tone. This further contributes to making “your foot out the door” a success.
Sometimes I find myself creating looks just for fun, because there's a purpose, an event or something like that and I immediately put them in my phone's album. With age, as I said, I prioritize comfort. With the offer, demystification and freedom that society allows us today, I always present myself with what passed in the examination of my mirror.
My style I keep it. I just had to make some adjustments in order to feel embraced by the outfit. When you have your style well defined, the well-chosen wardrobe will see that it is like “painting a new picture” every day.
And when you notice that people on the street are looking at you with a smile in their eyes, then the purpose has been achieved.

These looks are super affectionate and increase our self esteem.
Never forget that an outfit also includes make-up that must match the situation. But, ”less is more” - Iris Apfel
There is no magic formula to dress well, but how you feel when you wear it. A super basic look can be a success as well as a more elaborate look can take you to the Red Carpet. But it is your feeling that should prevail.

When you get to the end of the day and still feel like a queen and comfortable on top of that, it's because this look was very well chosen.
Tidying up the closet, creating looks, recording them on your cell phone saves you time and money. (The photos will help you remember that there is still a shirt or pants hidden in your closet, which was exactly what you I was wanting to put it on, but I didn't remember having it)
Don't waste so much time looking for the pieces, make building the looks an exercise and you'll quickly master the technique.
Being a “Fashion victim” is also not a solution for success.
Rampant buying can lead you to buy a piece that you already have in your closet or a piece that “is drop-dead gorgeous” but that doesn’t match anything you own or even your biotype.
Don't buy clothes that don't yield at least 3 different looks, with commitment you'll be able to versatile any piece and wear it in many different ways!

Tips to make your life even easier:
- Choose the outfits for the whole week;
- Always keep ready (even if it's on your cell phone) 4/5 examples that never let you down
- Choosing a single piece, such as a dress, makes it a lot easier when you're in a hurry, as you'll only have to worry about shoes and accessories.
- Check blogs and fashion magazines, find out about trends and those looks you like and want to try, photograph them to adapt them to your clothes.

Designer Michael Kors explains why we always have so many doubts and dissatisfaction in our choices and decisions, because “70% of the clothes in our closet should be considered the “main course” and only 30% the “dessert”. That is, in basic clothes (main course) you should spend a little more. These items can be, for example, blazers that go with everything, elegant sweaters, pants with good fit. The colors of these pieces are also important. Prefer neutral colors: black, white, beige, dark blue or caramel. M.Kors also says that “Most women buy flashy and modern pieces (dessert), which they quickly get tired of and of course the moment of nausea and disappointment with the item arrives and once again one sees the arms with the dreary prospect that there really is nothing in the closet to wear.” So listen up and think that ”Timeless and versatile clothes are the key to your wardrobe happiness!”

And I end up leaving this fable that you can adopt when choosing.
We all have two sides, it's up to us to choose and feed what will make us happier.

“The good wolf and the bad wolf” fable

“There was a small camp in a tribe
And the tribe had a leader
And one day the child of the tribe went to the chief
And I said to him, Boss, I have a question.
The boss asked, what?
And he said, sometimes I see people are good
And even good people, who are good, are sometimes also bad.
Why does this happen?
the boss replied
Because you have two wolves inside you
A good wolf and a bad wolf
And both fight
The kid thought and thought about it and told the boss
Boss, which wolf wins?
And the boss replied
The one you feed.”

Feed your creativity and you will see how surprising the results will be.

And so I say to my mirror: Any doubt about it?
-No, no, now you got it!

See you soon
Maria Pia

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