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The secret of multiplying your looks.

Fashion pushes us with all its creativity and seduction towards fast fashion. This, in turn, produces in us an impulse that causes the significant, but sometimes unnecessary, increase of most wardrobes. Especially in the last two decades our cabinets are literally bursting at the seams.

The culture of exacerbated consumerism and the need for everyone to feel themselves through their image, just like fashion icons and their lifestyle, has led to a disproportionate agglomeration of mountains of widows and other dead clothes hidden in the back of any closet. Now, with the sustainability policy, it is intended to inform and clarify that irresponsible consumerism harms us all because we are living on a completely weakened planet. So and if you always want to keep a different look, but significantly reducing the fast fashion rescue, I leave here an example of an autumn/winter closet.

When we go out into the street, into the urban space, we submit ourselves to the gaze of others who weren't expecting to see us and what we definitely want is to look good, to feel good.

With his refined creativity and taming his consumer behavior, he will undoubtedly manage to present himself always and safely with a touch of exclusivity, the result of his style and his mixtures. Sometimes when we lack an ingredient to prepare a dish, we inevitably have to replace it, how?…inventing! It's the same with your closet.

I am aware when, before leaving the house, I enter into a dialogue with my mirror and realize that probably another skirt would look better than the one I wore. But what to do? This is the one I have and this is the one I'm going to use!

I pull from my creative almanac and with a different prop, or another combination of pieces, one of the two: either I create a very extravagant or very cool or minimalist look. With any of these, but always true to my style, I'll be fine. Or I use the strategy of improving in such a way, in this case the top, so that the skirt blends into the outfit without creating an issue. Stress and reinforce the part that really feels more balanced. This is called a strategy that is used in everything in our life. But the secret to multiplying looks centers, first and foremost, on being aware of your body, your style, your body shape, so that the result of buying and creating a wardrobe that is not too vast, but very versatile, becomes a success.

In a first closet, you don't need to have many colors in the larger pieces of clothing. The colors will be picked up from the accessories or from one or another standout piece, designer or vintage, who knows even an inheritance from the mother or grandmother.

Resorting, of course, to the second hand, how would my closet do?

So if today, Autumn and coming Winter, I had to buy everything, absolutely everything I would buy 80% of basics. But starting with the shirts:

- 3 white shirts, one tailor-made, another more romantic and another oversize (which can go very well, underneath, with a t-shirt, a blouse,...)

- 1 basic baby blue Oxford shirt.

If you think about it they are fun to create outfits. I can immediately list several ways to use them, just think...

- Either inside or outside a skirt or pants;

- As a loose coat over another piece, even a dress;

- With a knot, with or without the navel showing;

- Closed under a Trench-coat or a blazer;

- Closed with a tie or scarf;

- If it is a large number, it can be crossed and put inside the pants or skirt, without pressing any buttons;

- And if you want to abuse the extravagance and, if the budget still allows, use it as a skirt, pressing the buttons you can. Thread over head and secure to strap with sleeves crossed over and cuffs tight together or loose. In this case, upwards should be discreet and only wear a crop top or shorter sweater. But in reality, a men's shirt is always a find and a must in the closet;

In addition to shirts, in my first closet, I would choose:

- One black pencil skirt and another with pleats or evasé with a classic check;

- Well-structured stone washed casual fit jeans, very even color;

- Black tailored trousers;

- A pair of beige jeans;

- Black leggings;

When to coats:

- A navy blue blazer;

- A black trench coat;

- A denim jacket;

- A biker-style leather jacket (budget permitting;


- A wool camel cardigan

- A fine black wool knitted V-neck jacket

- A dark blue or beige sweater (preferably in a v-neck gives more opportunities to multiply looks by having a little skin on display)

- A raw or black hoodie for the weekends

And if, again, the budget allows, basic thin knitwear:

- Three basic white long-sleeved t-shirts

- Three debardeurs in the above shades

- Three very contrasting colored debardeurs (these can be worn under knits and with a scarf or scarf will create a well-groomed look and break the monotony of the basic colors)


- High black boots or camel ankle boots or vice versa;

- A pair of beige sneakers;

- Some camel loafers;

- A flat, traditional shoe with a comfortable heel;

Bags and accessories:

- A camel backpack;

- A black clutch or crossbag;

- A neverfull beige bag

If you wear belts, just a black one and a very simple camel leather one that will always go well.


- A set (ring, bracelet, earrings, chain, brooch, gold and silver watch) and, if possible, some more ethnic pieces to enhance and detach from the classic.

Little extras:

- Scarves and scarves that go well with the above chosen palette, hat.

All of this can be found at Retry, which is proud to help with the sustainability of the planet and still saves good money by being able to buy quality parts. Of course, you shouldn't forget the clothes to be at home in your greatest comfort.

Makeup and a perfume are still missing, which sometimes, when your face is a wreck, that's how you restore dark circles and give your cheeks a little health. Don't forget rimmel and eyeliner and at least a moisturizing lipstick.

We still need to talk about the 20% of out-of-the-box pieces that I would leave for the end and would buy slowly, taking more risks with prints and colors, but never forgetting my biotype and my pantone colors ideal for my skin tone.

And with this 20%, I would sharpen my eyes and when I saw one or another piece that jumped out at me, before buying I would imagine how I would wear it and how to combine it with the different pieces in my closet. And if the image that comes to your mind is good and doesn't create any doubts... take a risk! If not, leave it for another occasion and let the impulse pass. Even because, many times that 20% will be filled with an outfit for a cocktail or dinner or party.

I say goodbye with the following suggestion: think that therefore it exists, but think that it wants to exist with harmony and category.

✋For any extra clarification, contact Retry by mail, we are here to help.✋

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