Sales Orders

Did you know that... 80% of clothes that are donated end up in a landfill?

And that 20% of the pieces stored in our closets were never used once?

If you have forgotten pieces in your closet, give them a second life!

Choose the option you prefer, fill out the form and send your pieces for evaluation.

    • 60/40

    • Free Collection

    • Sale on consignment*, with the customer receiving a 40% commission on sales

    • It is essential that the pieces have market value

    • Shipping minimum of 10 articles

    • Payment made up to 60 days

    *Payment for the piece will be made as soon as it is sold.

    • 65/35      

    • Free Collection

    • Immediate purchase of your items

    • Of the 35%, half (50%) paid in cash + 50% of the value in Vale Retry

    • Payment made in 15 days

    • Shipping minimum of 15 items

    • 70/30

    • free collection

    • Immediate purchase of your items

    • Payment made in 15 days

    • Shipping minimum of 15 items

    As for the selection criteria, it is up to us to inform you that we do not consider the collection of:

    • Items with arrangements and missing buttons or embroidery

    • Nightwear, underwear and underwear (pajamas, nightdresses, robes, underpants, bras, socks, boxers)

    • Household linen (towels, sheets, blankets)

    • Imitation jewelry, costume jewelry and/or semi-precious stones

    • Wedding dresses or wedding suits

    • forgeries

    • Unlabeled items

    After choosing one of the Collections, fields to be inserted:

    • Name

    • Email

    • Taxpayer

    • Phone No.