Reinvent yourselves!



There are times when despite the sun, the heat, the bright colors of passersby, the happy noise of relaxed summer conversations, we seem to be missing something deeper, more emotional, of greater complicity. Something richer inwardly, which softens any disharmony of feelings.

So, anyway, I leave the workplace and take a short walk along the sidewalk, crossing part of the city. With the same speed I look at everything as I pass by, whose impression I retain is the opposite of that hurried pace.

They're already waiting for me. A smile at the reception and a friendly kiss, I say what I want and we agree on opinions about my will- I sit down and lean back in a comfortable chair, letting the pleasantly cool water run freely over my head. Free my thoughts, refresh my soul. I close my eyes and to the rhythm of the massages in my hair, I let myself travel to places where I've experienced so many moments of pleasure and happiness, with the people who populate my life.

I change position and the hair remains in other hands, in a healthy struggle for a free and aesthetic reorganization.

The topics of conversation change, but today they are related to the loss of close people, not bringing, however, any anguish, but on the contrary, freeing us from that feeling, in a spontaneous acceptance, an attitude that appeases the feelings of each one. of us, who are currently experiencing a situation of grief, individual, but similar.

The attention, affection, availability with which they take care of me and my return of that feeling, makes this moment pleasant and relaxing, on both sides. A human form of gratitude for the good treatment and commitment to meet my expectations.

I let my hair fall to the ground, I feel the strong air that passes through it until the brief, shaken return with which I replace it in a natural and orderly way.

The conversation continues now about the importance we all have in sharing life with the family, in not feeling alone in the world. How grateful we feel for having siblings, for having friends, for not being just us when the older ones are missing... and I already feel like the next generation! But let's take advantage of every moment and be proud of them all, doing the best we can, living with and for others and valuing emotions, respecting values, ours and those of others, to the detriment of material and quantity.

I look in the mirror and feel satisfied with what I see, a new hairstyle, lighter and brighter, that doesn't erase the wrinkles that keep appearing, my story lined on my face. However, a life that I am proud of in terms of what it can be conceived and what I have faced and continued to live.

I leave my hairdresser, after such a brief and simple stay, which nevertheless gave me back my inner peace, the colors, the sun, the laughter of the vacationers and made me feel again, more of a woman! More feminine and proud of being, hoping to have also left you, this feeling of mine, in your own way, as recognition.

Think then, how important it is to let them take care of us: small gestures, small rituals, small changes, that make us feel well-being again and so feminine and proud to be so!

Reinvent yourselves, in a continuous return to your beauty, to your balance, always with the challenge of also being able to reward those who cared for you!

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