Part II: The pieces that speak about us

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II Parte: As peças que falam de nós

Part II
To the parts who talk about us
... On the other hand, there are those who talk about us!
These are our spokespersons.
This happens when we wear parts that have engraved messages or symbols. They are the ones we choose and that reveal our moods and desires, almost always serving as a shield between the person and everything in the world around them.

who did not open some Have you ever looked in the closet and thought "I don't have anything to wear"?
Clothing, which functions as our second skin, belongs to our interior and exterior at the same time. It protects both our intimacy and opens up to the social and relationship universe, serving as a border between the 'I' and the world, making it difficult for us to be recognized or, on the contrary, making us unravel.

And these are the ones we are often proud of and use as trophies.
But be careful that you are parts they have no “filter” and can even become “shoehorns”. If so, it's your fault!

That iconic sweater that is already so tight that it makes the twin of the Michelin Man just stopped talking to you and started talking about you and unfortunately not for the best reasons.

But don't forget that the choice of outfit you've created will make you a Hollywood star or make you fall into the mud without mercy. And then the responsibility is solely yours.

So that you don't suffer at the hands of these “hookers”, sharpen your eyes, take a more frequent look at trends and don't let yourself be carried away only by what's fashionable. Get to know your shapes better (biotype) trust your style more and you will see how they will transport you to history for the best reason.
So then you are the ones who talk about you.

And there is no woman or man who does not like to feel praised and special.
And as everyone has heard that a picture is worth a thousand words, look at yourself in the mirror with the most critical eye possible and pretend to be that friend at the hairdresser who barely turns her back, loosens her tongue and peels without mercy. about yourself. Not sure for sure some , but don't give her reasons for using her to gain prominence at your expense.
We all look different but in reality, despite our size and shapes, we are all the same. Or rather, the difference lies in the way we present ourselves, in the silhouette that we emphasize or not, in the posture, in the simple sway of the hip…. But in reality, it is in the way we present ourselves and in the attitudes we take that we distinguish ourselves.
For those who know their body well, playing with the multiplicity that parts they give us, it is fun because we can display different images while maintaining the charisma that is unique and intransmissible.
We can be extravagant or fabulously simple and keep the style. It's really important to find the balance between what we like, fashion, trends and what looks good on us and makes us feel happy and magnificent.
Curiosity also sharpens ingenuity and we must try several combinations (even if only in stores) until we look in the mirror and
let's feel ma-ra-vi-lho-sas.
Perfect is when we stop dressing like everyone else, after all we are no longer in school, and we show enthusiasm in choosing our outfits and let our personality shine through.
I'll give some examples that can help to be well and suitable for different day-to-day situations, because there is no one who does not want to present themselves impeccably and provoke excellent reactions of surprise in those who see us.
And, if this expression is very positive and effusive, the purpose is achieved.
Therefore, the concern with the image is fundamental.
Provoking a pleasure, triggering positive moments, enhancing presence and even marking your personality and glamor is undoubtedly a pleasurable point.

Now let's talk about the impact that the image is capable of having on others.
Who has never received a piropo, even if it was from the man who sells ice cream? No one convinces me that deep down they didn't like it. (I know that our legislation has prohibited piropos but wtf, sometimes we get up in the mood)
We are human and appreciate a courtship.

In addition to the normal day-to-day presentation, there are times when we have to dress according to the rules and according to the events we will be attending. Then it is convenient to be a little more cautious because it is necessary to face them with security and determination.

The wide variety of models presented to us have the mission of helping to overcome vulgarity. It's not an easy task at all and sometimes those doubts arise that, without prior notice, leave us “torn apart”.
And so we have a small sample of these moments and how to present yourself:
- For work - Depending on the type of profession, always be careful but simple (which does not mean simple). By this I mean that you should present yourself with more classic and discreet clothes. However, the choice of accessories as a complement will help to make the difference.
- For leisure - beach, countryside, sports…..- here as the word indicates “leisure time” are moments of distraction and pastime and there you should present yourself according to the place you choose. But so that it is not misunderstood, I advise you to consult the rules beforehand, so as not to make the mistake of presenting yourself in an inconvenient manner, which will avoid unpleasant surprises. A simple example, if you are going on a sailboat, you should not wear shoes with colored soles, white rubber soles are suitable. Another example, if you go to a spa you will always have to take a bathing suit (complete and cap).
And when it's time to end the day with a good dinner, before booking a restaurant, see if there are rules of etiquette to avoid an inhospitable situation.
These precautions spare indelicate situations.

And remember no one is born taught and asking doesn't offend.

-For intimacy - homewear - Ahhhhh, here you are “at home” so there are comfortable clothes that are the ones I suggest and then you are free to wear whatever you want…after all, the house is yours.
If you are at someone's house as a guest, you must wear comfortable and simple clothes, but always according to the hosts' clothing. At these times, the most comfortable jeans you have with a sweater usually save the situation.

-For a party - here "as parties are more than mothers" and with an immensity of themes, tastes and features, you should follow the clothing that the invitation or protocol determines.

As a last resort, a simple black dress with earrings or a bracelet and necklace can do the trick. I suggest that you dress up and every time you look in the mirror, take off an accessory until you get the perfect look.
That image that makes you think aloud “Oh my God I'm feeling gorgeous”.

- For romance (1st date), in my opinion, you should follow your style but without exaggerating either the make-up or the general look. However, an “impressed” sensuality will be well accepted. Nobless Oblige!”
After all it is one of the most important occasions of our lives. It could be the day the princess or prince can stay with us forever.
Finally, I remind you that a picture is worth a thousand words and it is our “business card”.

The first impact is often decisive. It may even be misunderstood, but it is certainly decisive. But the simplicity in no way harms it. It's important to spark curiosity and not lift the entire veil to give a second date a chance. And at these times, the most appropriate thing will be to choose the pieces that speak about us and that let a little of our charm shine through. These are the ones that will determine whether the charisma and the “spell” was marked in the eyes of the other.
These are the ones that talk about us!
Maria Pia

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Maria José Ferreira
Maria José Ferreira

August 10, 2022

Como já nos habitou, Maria Pia, deslumbrante!

Continue/continuem, assim!


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