''Color can raise the dead.''

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''Colour can raise the dead.''

It was not by chance that the great brand H&M partnered with the iconic Iris Apfel .

The spring/summer 22 collections are immensely marked by bright, strong colors and many geometric prints that remind us of the 60s/70s, thus leaving organic patterns and pastel tones on the shelf.

If, on the one hand, and after a pandemic that kept us in the dark, it is splendid to see the abundance of so much pattern and color, on the other hand, we have to know how to use them with great care, skill, mastery!

Nowadays, although we are more stripped of prejudices with body shape or age, the truth is that we all want to present ourselves well. For this it is necessary that we are fully aware of what suits us and what favors us so as not to fall into disgrace.

The “education of the look” contributes a lot and will allow you, with creativity, to develop your own style.

It is therefore up to me to encourage the use of color and know how to take advantage of this year's fashion, as you will quickly understand how it helps a lot to change your mood and have a nicer day. However, there are other indispensable premises - quality and cut, since quality is fundamental and quality does not always mean “buying expensive”, see the example of Retry pieces that have a super attractive price.

For men, I suggest that you use the colors only in less than 50% of the outfit. If the torso is colored, use more neutral pants and if you want to be bold, then use 10% more and abuse the socks.

If you intend to use strong colors on your pants, use more discreet colors on your torso, which can make a very colorful reinforcement stand out on a bracelet, belt, scarf, etc.

We also have another very interesting possibility, which is the Total Look in a single color and its gradients . But be careful, it's not for everyone! However, with very well chosen pieces, it can be the highlight or the luxury of the event.

And finally, this year's fashion is so cheerful and diverse in colors, patterns, styles... together with diverse accessories, you can create an eclectic look where the mix of everything - from the classic to the most eccentric - will make you... The Character !

Sharpen your eyes, study beauty, and have fun creating looks that give you pleasure. And we,... see you in 15 days!

By Maria Pia

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Maria José Ferreira
Maria José Ferreira

April 20, 2022

Muito bom! É sempre um prazer espreitar a informação que Maria Pia nos traz. Ler é também, comunicar e de uma forma requintada, é um enorme prazer!

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