Life and colors!


A vida e as cores!

With Spring greeting us, we are going to say goodbye to Winter and renew our spirit, our passion for life, accepting delivery to new days, new experiences, new directions.

Let's revitalize our energy, let the sun shine, awakening us to new feelings and new paths. Let us toast to Nature, with all that constitutes it, this is how this season of the year appeals to us, with all its wonders and the light of the most varied tones that emerge around us.

This Spring will enchant us with many of the colors of the rainbow palette, in their boldest, boldest tones, whether green, pink, red, orange, yellow…. We will also have the blues of the sky, the sea, nature.

Have you ever wondered why we feel more comfortable with one color than another? Colors are related to our feelings and their association is not accidental, nor does it just have to do with each one's taste, but has a much deeper relationship, rooted in our language and our thinking. For this reason, color is an instrument for many professionals from the arts, through health, education; of fashion; advertising and politics.

Let's drink to Spring by making known its quintessential color, so assumed over centuries, which also touches us, the basic concept of Retry. If not, let's see: We are talking about the color green! “Green is the quintessence of nature, it is an ideology and a lifestyle: it is environmental awareness, love for nature.” Thus, sociologist and psychologist Eva Heller tells us about this color.

Green is essentially immutable, as you can add black, red, brown or white and it remains green. However, it is the color that varies the most if exposed to natural or artificial light. It is a color that often appears with blue, enhancing each other.

It is a color that mediates emotions, it is pleasant, tolerant, it provides a sense of calm and security, if placed between extreme colors such as red and blue.

Green symbolizes nature. For example, a green cosmetic is the one that uses natural substances; therapies or green medicine that you want to cure only with natural substances; Greenpeace, ecological association.

It is still the color of life and health; of freshness; of fluorescent businesses and fertility; of hope, confidence and security; but not that of love, only of a “love that is still green”, still not very intense. Again, a tempered emotion, never an emotion of extremes.

And we have Jade, a precious stone ranging from white-green to the most intense green. In antiquity, Jade was used for kidney cures and good births.

If we think of interior spaces, green can be used in study rooms, as in addition to the calm and security it conveys, it promotes imagination and creativity. It is the color of healing, which is why it is often seen in medical waiting rooms or hospital spaces. We can use this color in residential spaces, both in living rooms and bedrooms, for the transmission of serenity and freshness.

In opposition to green, the most natural color because it comes from nature, from Spring, and therefore assumed by ecological ideologies, we have the color that psychologically contrasts the most with green, that is, the least natural: violet! Of the violet, we will speak in our second meeting.

In two weeks, I'll be back, because I accepted this challenge that Retry proposed to me, as a client who is passionate about the concept it supports: respect for the planet that shelters us, that grants us this miracle that Life constitutes, admiring the boldness of the fantastic rebirth of everything that was and continues to be used for the wonderful creativity and difference that each one of us represents.

I cannot fail to thank Daniela and Camila for this invitation, who, due to their age, struggle, energy and inner and outer glow, personalize beautiful Springs!

Matilde Proença

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