''Fashion goes out of fashion, style never''

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''A Moda sai de Moda o Estilo jamais''

Fashion is an integral part of our lives.

24 hours a day we want to be in fashion, even when we stay at home and even to sleep. And still good!

Waking up, looking in the mirror and seeing your face sleepy and disheveled but with beautiful and comfortable pajamas is half the battle for the day to start lighter and more confident.
Whether or not you stay at home, comfort is also one of my priorities.
Gone are the years when what mattered was to be in fashion at any cost.
I remember, when I was very young, I thought it was worth putting up with the tallest shoes and getting to the end of the day with my legs groaning as if I had run a marathon. I also remember wearing clothes so tight, so tight that it was hard for me to breathe. But I was very young and at that time there was neither the offer that exists today nor the notion of fashion and style that many young people, fortunately, already know and intend to emphasize.
Wearing comfortable and appropriate fashion for your biotype is also a form of sustainability. Choices are much more responsible and there is now a concern that they last longer, since fast fashion quickly replaces models with equally beautiful ones, but sometimes with a different design and quality of materials that do not always manage to surpass the that we are used to using.

So I save money because I don't need to buy as much. Sometimes, in the absence of not being able to buy the model that I used so much but that is no longer made, I find myself making some applications of fabrics or embroidery and give a new life to that piece that was already in a pre-coma, but which is the that gives me the necessary comfort.

That's right, I realized that my sustainability is as important as that of the planet and that with this attitude I am also contributing to the improvement of my quality of life and to the better well-being of the world we live in. the seamstress and with that I am also contributing and encouraging to keep these professions alive.
There are pieces that cost me a lot to detach from them. I'm really talking about the basics! But they were so well built and structured that they are now very difficult to find. And it is with the “fear” of having to bear less “soft” fabrics next to the body that the impetus for the reuse and recovery of my beloved pieces arises.
Of course, all the technological development also helps me with new information and instructions.
But anyone who thinks I don't like fast fashion shopping is wrong. Everything has its space and this is the only way to counterbalance the exaggerations of some and the more moderate consumption of others.
But for everything to work out well, you also need to be aware of your body and “improve your eyes”. By this I mean that it is important to look at the world and its details with a more detailed vision.
Although fashion is democratic, it does not suit everyone in the same way. It is necessary to know what your biotype is and after knowing what is most recommendable and favorable to you, then yes, use and abuse your creativity and create your style.
As we know “creativity is still an original arrangement made up of information collected over centuries” and which we acquire daily through culture and our way of being in life. And it is here that, with the recreation of the pieces he already has and which he will give new life to, he contributes to sustainability and to a “revival style”.
As style is not static, it is these new adaptations, the passing of the years and the consequent change in our behavior, objectives and tastes that lead us to build new concepts of style without losing our identity.
So, more than being fashionable, it's the style that defines you. Don't let yourself be possessed by fashion. Even because fashion can be bought, style cannot.
Fashion goes out of fashion, but Style remains as Coco Chanel told us.
And style is much more than clothes!
Style is knowing how to combine colors, patterns, models and adapt them to your body.
Style is also your own way of being in life and your way of relating to others.
Style is knowing how to combine accessories with your outfit.
Style is the grace of gestures and the kindness of the smile.
Style is also knowing the rules for using the pieces and even more is knowing how to break them with Style.
Style is knowing how to use and abuse an eccentricity without hurting others.
Style is knowing how to court.
Style is sticking with your opinion and accepting that of others.
Style is the confidence with which you look in the mirror and think you are "gorgeous".
Style is not bought, it is built!
But Style is not elitist nor does DNA determine it.
Having “branded” clothes does not mean having style. The “brands” with the characteristics of their creators are just guidelines. They create trends. They are only important because they are very attentive to the evolution of lifestyle and seek to fill in with their broad vision and their own “seal” the gaps that they perceive to exist and thus adapt to the evolution of the species and its way of being in life.
Knowing how to respect and handle all these features with dexterity and intuition, that's Style!
Style is not for the rich, nor for the poor.
Style is character with a dash of charisma, good humor, a sense of opportunity and the first-person expression of your personality through the creativity you have invested in your choices.
And never forget: “dress for the most important person in the world who is yourself”!

Maria Pia

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Maria José Ferreira
Maria José Ferreira

July 13, 2022

Adorei! Identifico me mesmo, com o retratado. A minha concepção, também! 😉 Muito Bom, Parabéns, Maria Pia! 💙

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