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A Beleza da Vida

Fashion appears as a guiding line of tastes and forms that are contextualized in the society in which we live at the moment. We speak of development phases; regression phases; stages of creativity; phases of “Deja vu”. However, the catwalks and photographs are always filled with slender women and men, where with the magic of make-up, diet (or hunger), photoshop, everyone looks miraculously perfect, without a blemish, in the

However, we do not deal with these models, nor with the actors and actresses who appear on cinematographic screens, in the same way embellished, as if time did not pass by them, to visualize them off screen and therefore, in nature. Even playing roles of aging people, they are always beautiful and wonderful!

In everyday life, we are all men, inhabitants of planet earth and we all have an equal life cycle, from birth to death. In the middle of this curve, first ascending and then descending, is where life is situated, par excellence. The life that we ourselves manage in all its meaning, autonomously.

Each of us is an individualized, unique being! Therefore, with both external and internal characteristics, absolutely different from any other. And then, as a unique being, the most important thing will be to live in the most harmonious way or, if you like, balanced as possible, combining all these characteristics, with the surroundings in which we live, whether family or
professional as well as social. This harmonious combination and your ability and skills to manage it will result in the much talked about and desired: Happiness!

It turns out that, in fact, nobody is perfect and each one will have positive and less positive aspects, both in physical, emotional and intellectual attributions.

The physical ones are the most visible externally and immediately. The emotional and intellectual ones, both being strongly interconnected, so much so that they gave rise, and very well, to the so-called emotional intelligence, are only appreciated if we know how to properly listen, empathize and cultivate the relationship with the other, giving the necessary space and time to their global knowledge (external and
internal). We are all complex and patience, tolerance and altruism will help in this process of understanding each other well.

Our body, the exterior, is dressed and decorated to the taste of each one. It will also depend on your age and shape. The image! What most people are most focused on today and what they become dependent on! If we speak of dependency, we cannot speak of balance or harmony. Everyone wants to keep up with the immaculate image of fashion icons, cinema…. So they make the biggest sacrifices and confuse them with a healthy lifestyle. Physically and mentally, they live only for the physical cult and respective “rags” everything as the fashion dictates, whether or not it is suitable for those who wear it. Tranquility and uneasiness only respect that moment when they present themselves at a cafe, at dinner, on a night out and when “stunning” all heads must turn with tears of envy as they pass by. However, when the night ends and the day begins,
nothing more remains than that grimace of seconds that happened or that, was not even glimpsed.

But we are not just the physical part and within us, inhabit emotions, the relationship with others; our profession and its fulfillment; learning, knowledge, everything that grants us our maturity and takes us to the supreme state of life: the adult state, in which everything is built, develops; until we reach the downward phase of old age. I learned there
long years, in a college class and became a relevant reference, that in order to live a balanced old age, without anguish and accepting it in its fullness, it is necessary to have lived in such a way that when we look back, we consider that we do not waste time distracted with the smallest things, forgetting those that enrich us most emotionally and in terms of knowledge: “knowledge has no place”, says the old proverb. At the same time, always attributing the greatest value to our health and, as such, to healthy physical and mental habits.

Wealth always comes from our mind and heart, that is, not having wealth is not thinking, not reflecting, not giving and not receiving, as if living alone in the world was enough for you. What does not build by itself, its Joys and Happiness, living only dragged by the image of the ephemeral, as if the eternal and a treasure were at hand. What do you mean, life will quickly fade away and be lost in an emptiness of soul!

Society's pressure on behalf of memory began to be such that anyone who didn't wear a size 32 to a size 34 was already overweight, anyone with curves (like women, natural in their physical constitution) was already fat, leading to a significant increase in eating disorders; of excessive physical sports; of the single cult of the physical image to the detriment of any human quality, dropping empathy, solidarity, knowing how to be, listening and relating to others.

In this assumption, fashion imposes garments for unnatural models, with these meager measurements, nullified body control, as if the body were a long, flat object, with almost no volume. Most people are “obliged” to wear these garments, in whatever way they look and stay as they are, often making the inappropriate seem appropriate.

There is no way for us to feel comfortable, because comfort implies identity and identity implies the adequate conjugation of the physical with emotional intelligence. Accepting ourselves as we are and knowing how to pay homage to ourselves, investing in our complete harmony, is the most beautiful way of presenting ourselves to others, in which the interior shines through and illuminates the exterior.

But we also have to take care of ourselves, to keep our self-image and self-esteem well valued. We should do it to feel beautiful, charming, elegant. However, in order to achieve elegance, as we have seen talking before and our dear Maria Pia, we have to combine what suits us (color and shape) with our state of mind, because the outside also feeds and comes positively reinforce the interior. It pulls you towards positive, rewarding emotions and reinforces your beautiful and human sides. And there is no age for this: all are valid!

It is no coincidence that the great Haute Couture houses began to resort to models already in their old age, such as Benerdetta Barzini, Italian, teacher, actress and model, aged 78, who was taken over by Gucci , like your picture. Thus, as was the cover of American Vogue. Others are seen today, parading along with other big brands, remaining as leading actresses in current films, with a true and valuable setback to the right to age and age well, in which appreciation starts from what each one closes within itself and not just outside.

Old age, which years ago was a source of wisdom and knowledge, of tenderness, of respect, is no longer heard, looked at, as if its wrinkles, its deformed body, its way of being or walking, did not fit in any of the parameters currently conceived as fashion and/or image to be taken into account. However, all of us, all of you, that's where we walk in the inevitable path of life and the harmony, well-being and comfort with which life
can live, it will really depend on what you learn, what you managed to sow and produce during your life and what, in fact, you consider prioritizing. Those who don't cultivate by then will have nothing then.

Is it worth it to remain only in the cult of the Image and live part of your life abandoned by that same cult and thrown into solitude and indifference?...

Each wrinkle, each deformity invites you to a story. And you, do you already have stories to tell? What is your story so far, does it presuppose something more than the physical attributions that, despite all the struggle, fade away day by day?... It is always beautiful to hear stories, which come from someone's heart, with clarity , a generous harmony of emotions and colorful on the outside, with the colors that embellish you, as if it were a beautiful book cover.

In your day to day, leave half an hour to enrich your story, that of each one, always so valuable, because by itself, it will never be the same as anyone else's. Sometimes all it takes is an attentive look, a listening ear, a request for help. Be with each other in a true communion of souls, which comes from within to the outside. Nothing takes away from you, it only adds to
your life, which is just yours, different and unique and don't forget to do it to look and feel beautiful!

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